50 or 250gm Gubinge powder and 25gm or 75gm gubinge wafer




The Powder

Gubinge Powder- Kimberley Wild Gubinge Powder is Gubinge fruit (Kakadu Plum) that is wild harvested on the remote, pristine Kimberley Coast. The seeds are removed and then it is carefully air-dried and milled into a fine powder. This process makes it one of the purest Gubinge products on the market. KWG powder has 13000mg Vitamin C per 100grams. The powder is suitable for adding to water, fruit juice smoothies or sprinkled on muesli, yoghurt or salads. Used in cool food to preserve the nutrients and because it is concentrated 1.5grams (a small half teaspoon) is our suggested daily serving size. This serving size will provide 195mg Vitamin C. This is three times more potent than similar products and we are the only producer to independently, scientifically test our product every year to bring you a comprehensive Analysis Report. (Scroll down to Nutritional Benefits and click to see the 2017 Report).


Alternatively, our superfine KWG powder is amazing used directly on the skin as a beauty therapy or for skin ailments. KWG Powder is simply directly applied to the skin by making a paste from a teaspoon of powder mixed with water or skin oil such as coconut or almond oil. Mix to form a paste and apply as a facial mask, leave on for 5-7 minutes and wash off with warm water, follow by normal skin care regime. It has also proven to be very successful in treating acne (as a mask or applied with nightly perfume free moisturiser) rashes, insect bites, dry and sun damaged skin can all benefit from its powerful antioxidants which contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties with customers reporting a lightening of dark sun patches and uneven skin tone and relief from raised and itchy insect bites and rashes. A simple and effective skin therapy where customers can know exactly what is being applied to their skin in a measured dose. With collagen boosting Vitamin C its the most direct way to treat the skin in an organic, single origin, ethical and environmentally friendly way. Feel the glow


The Wafer

KWG Gubinge Wafers are the ultimate superfood snack. Exclusive to KWG they are a delicate, crisp, tangy wafer that is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. All the same great benefits of the KWG Powder but in a wafer. Great for people on the go, sprinkling on salad or even used as a taco chip for dips. The kids just love them and a great way to introduce friends to our Australian Native superfood. 100% pure fruit flesh only, no additives, no preservatives. For those who like a little crunch to their super foods .



Nutritional Benefits

There are many synthetic Vitamin C products on the market , but the cleanest and most easily absorbed by the human body is natural Vitamin C and here at KWG we have the worlds finest natural Vitamin C in our Gubinge powder. Click here to see Report Analysis on our powder and here to view 2017 Report. To view scientific study on Gubinge benefits click here


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